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" When the pupil is ready, the teacher shall appear... "

Messages from Teachers

Dr. R. C. Tewari(Vice-Principal and Chemistry teacher, DPS MR)
[email protected]
Dear DiPSites,

Wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year. I saw your page on the net. It is nice see that you take pride in being DiPSites and keep in touch with each other. I am the Vice Principal & teach Chemistry as I like it. You can get in touch with me now that my son has created this e-mail account.

Wishing you all the Best in Life

Dr. R.C. Tewari
Delhi Public School
Mathura Road
e-mail : [email protected]

U.S. Arora(Sr.Teacher Physics DPS MR Since 1980)
[email protected]
comment: My warm and affectionate hello to all those who remember their teacher thank you all for re-living that sweet gone-bye era which you spent with us in the school. If anyone of you requires service from DPS MR ( excepting things from the canteen and the like) please feel free to e-mail me...consider it as a part of 'After-Sale-Service read as 'token-of-rememberance' from my side!

Now for a sad NEWS

Mr. K L Sharma breathed his last on 1st Aug'97 at his FDB home, due to cardiac arrest. His end came when he was on his recovery path after having been in CCU Batra hospital for 3+weeks earlier. We all at DPS MR pray for peace to his soul.

We all have some fond memories of our teachers, because, in most cases, they had a strong influence in shaping our attitudes and thought processes. We hope you enjoy the article below, which is perhaps representative of our feelings about our teachers. If you would like to write an article, please Contact Us!

An article by Richa Sharma, DPS Mathura Road, 1998

No one has seen God. The keen and the sensitive ones experience and feel His presence through a medium, in the form of a revered personality or personalities. The parents make the first medium to experience God for the lucky Child. Their nectar comes in the form of chaste, pure, unselfish and motiveless love. Every morsel of food given by them contains all this. The ambience of family values makes a growing child receptive to what he is to later ingest from the school.

New Beginnings

The sapling is then transferred by the parents to the nursery of a school. In my case it was Delhi Public School, Mathura Road. Saplings from different soils were acclimatized and accommodated into this new soil of this great school. Oh! What a rioting situation it must have been for the nursery teacher. All were orchestrated, in a masterly fashion, into some kind of harmony and that too making it psychologically enjoyable and recreational. Hats off to one such teacher ---- Mrs.Nalini Sharma. Her patience could have turned her into a patient. If I were called upon to do the same now, I would turn psychic. Although I was a pampered, precious, physically weak child of my parents, I started missing my class friends on a holiday. The materialistic approach states that educational learning is purchased. The teacher is a professional. The teacher is supposed to be qualified in his subject and qualified in the profession of teaching techniques. Is that all???? Please, apply your mind, give it a thought with undivided attention. You will find things are much more than this.

Student-Teacher Rapport

No knowledge can be imparted without establishing a rapport between the students and the teacher. No rapport can be established without building of an emotional bridge between the students and the teacher. No emotional identification can be established without the personality effect of the teacher who has sincerity of a parent of so many children giving justice to all in all fairness, paying attention to not to the most brilliant alone but rather more to the one who has probably not been able to grasp the subject, getting disturbed on that account and showering affections on the ones who are doing well. Is the teacher being paid for all this? The answer is NO.

The Sacrifice

This is the extra, selfless service the teacher gives to the student knowing full well, not a single student would return to reciprocate. The teacher like a sanyasi shows the glow of his strong character qualities which by default get inculcated into the students and leave an indelible mark on their personality. Are they being paid for that? No appointment letter of the "professional" teacher ever spells out these requirements. The appointment letter never says that the teacher will be graded by the number of good citizens he has produced for the country. To go further the teacher is never given any preference in society to lessen his struggle to survive. He has to make his own arrangements to make his and his family's life comfortable remaining within his parameters of character and honesty.

Lifetime of Infulence

My 14 Years of stay, or rather growth, at Delhi Public School Mathura Road and my thinking back to all that I gained at DPS makes me remember all this. There was a written curriculum as designed by the C.B.S.E. and there was a parallel curriculum of the elite teachers of D.P.S. that were busy grooming us and polishing us without being paid for. This was a collective, self-imposed responsibility they have been undertaking. Mrs. Vimala Singh pushed the junk food out of our mind (Maggie noodles). The whole of 1st standard was made to stand on the benches for this. Mrs. Bedi adjusted my forefinger and my thumb to hold the pen properly. I recall enjoying mimicking Mrs. Renu Puri on the black board. I remember Mrs. Kalia teaching me my mother tongue Hindi and civilizing me into that. Mrs. Reba Das was the Bengali mother full of emotions. Mrs. Vinita Chandra and her teaching of History has gone deep. I was the best in Physics under the best teacher, Mrs. Pithawala. I wish I could become like her. Oh! What a personality. She changed the dressing up skills of the class and inculcated the importance of discipline. Mrs. Kiranjot Singh and Mrs. Kiran Kumar were embodiments of love, sincerity, excellent subject knowledge, would like to be always with them learning Botany and Zoology. Mrs. Renu Malhotra's Maths was made easy and she always looked beautiful!! Mrs. Ahuja was anti "shastriji" type of Hindi teaching. She would beautifully link the grammars of Hindi and English. Really great. One of the sad memories has been the sudden demise of Late Mr. K.L. Sharma of Physics. I was his "chhutki" to him. May the almighty rest his soul in peace. Maybe he has seen God?!

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