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Delhi Public School Alumni (Dipsites) Memories

Here are some memories from Delhi Public School Alumni selected from the database.

The best and most careless days of life. - Yamini Agarwal, 1998 MR

awesome.. many of them - Neha Agarwal, 1997 RKP

I was in DPS (EoK and RKP) from 1977 through 1990. There are too many fond memories to list here. - Arindam Chatterjee, 1990 RKP

The 2 years in DPS Bhilai has been a wonderful experience for me. Had a lot of Fun with friends and teachers like Sunny Abrahem and Shany George Mam . Learned a lot by being the Jhelum house captain and also had a Mock of india Pak Fights with best friend and Chenab House Captain Kunal jaisawal. - Mohit Gupta, 1997 Bhilai

The teachers,The canteen rush,the walk in the corridors with friends ! Having a word with chona after getting late to school and missing essembly,and Baburam's scare..I had the last class with him just for the records.Met him half hour before his death.The free time we had and the great facalities,the tennis courts,the library and the fun loving times...miss it all.Real world sux man :) - Prateek Khandelwal, 1997 RKP

Lots. Especially all the friends I have lost touch with. - Davender Agnihotri, 1977 MR

The Hostel; Col. Waraich; The sorry old horses of the riding club; Col. Kohli of electrical gadgets who took apart an ancient Lambretta to educate us about the inner workings of a scooter - it never started again; Disintegration of a desk from a divali bomb with a delayed action aggarbatti fuse in Mr. KL Sharma's class and the subsequent threat of serious consequences from faculty that never materialized because no one snitched even though not all of us approved of the prank. - Rajesh Behl, 1986 MR

Those were the wonder years !!'81-'87.. the time i spend in the hostel was just gr8..becoming a dayki later was a troublesome transformation.. still remember the morning PT, prep classes,bad hostel food, pap tates, allo burgers, Miss Usha Mathur(4 all the wrong reasons), Mrs. Mattoo!! (Honestly i had a crush on her !!Did someone say - "join the club??") Mr.Atlee,Limpoopoo, Archana cinema(God!! how could the owner close it down !!!)Sweets corner, Lamba(laldawa), Mounting Kabootri(she was the mare in the riding club guys!! don't get ideas!!), Squash Court, I-19 (the bus i took home), Burser, Horny Mr.Waraich(our principal!!), Mr.Negi The PT teacher,DOPE, Mr.Goel the Maths guru( i talk she talk u come center-center meet me behind the period when im empty!!!) Pintu,Ranjit, Manikant,Murli, Aslam, Himadri,Issac,Ravi Pritam, Joy Anand,Manu Gargi,Goulin Kipgen, Winnie.... and that 10,000 cracker laadi(i can still hear it)..im wrinting a book here..They dont makes schools like this anymore.. what say??? - Vikas Arya, 1987 MR

Great place. Had loads of fun and tons of friends. - Pooja Sawhney, 1990 MR

I miss my school. my old days and those caring teachers.. - Deepika Singh, 2002 MR

Many - Nawal Khanna, 1972 MR

blah - Pramath Malik, 2004 MR

fun, girls, movies, boooze - Hari Manan, 1997 RKP

best days of my life ! it gave me all i needed frnz,family,aswome tchrz all around developmet thnk god i wz thr ! - Ramneek Kaur Chandhok, 2001 MR

Chaotic morning assemblies, dingy D-Block classrooms, bunking in OAT, samosas after school, headgirl, Jamboree, staying back for inter-house competitions, charts on the walls, circular block staff room, music basement etc etc etc - Shradha Chowdhury, 1999 RKP

amazin, beautiful memories.........always miss school FEEL PROUD TO BE A DIPSITE.. ALSO have very nice memories of Ms.Dhami..our chem. teacher - Shalini Malhotra, 2000 RKP

French section (X-F ?) , Hand cricket and all other variations, The Badminton phase, SUPW mess ups, and lots more... - Sudhir Shankar Raman, 1994 RKP

i miss school...and the samosas sold under the tree in the school - Deepshikha Singh, 1998 RKP

Fond - Koushik Ganguly, 1990 RKP

lots bunking to sunder nagar market playing for the schol circket team - Ajay Thukral, 1981 MR

unforgetable and abs great - Geeta Lakhani, 1967 MR

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