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Delhi Public School Alumni (Dipsites) Memories

Here are some memories from Delhi Public School Alumni selected from the database.

where to start man. It gives a feeling of nostalgia whenever I think about those old golden days. - Khamish Malhotra, 1995 MR

i wish i was in school for just a little while longer... i loved the place... - Rahul Gangal, 1997 MR

Best time of my life! - Nishant Agrawal, 1994 RKP

I still have fond memories of my 1st crush in Grade 9 and the 2 years I spent in the Hostel... and not so fond memories of the scar which I recd on my head while playing cricket !!! - Vikram Gupta, 1986 RKP

Leaving school in class XI ... a very very sad experience after all the fun and all the friends I made. Was convinced I would be the first non-blue coat Head Boy at DPS RKP but alas ! - Vishnu Som, 1992 RKP

loads of good memories...... - Rachit Chawla, 2003 MR

The ONLY school I've ever experienced... have a lot of memories.... will never forget some of my teachers - Mina Dhami (Chemistry, RKP), Rewa Mahajan (English, RKP), Godavari Singh (French, RKP), Bhavna Nanupoothiri (Maths, VV).... - Lavanya Sharan, 1999 RKP


School in tents happily closed if it rained too heavily. Miss Sen (Chachi)'s terror. Ande-P and cricket nets Deen Dayal's cane and its impact on bare knuckles Mrs Sanyal and her favouritsm My class teacher Mrs Ramachandran (Jalabala Vaidya) and her 'boy friend'(later husband) Gopal Sharman All the big bullies I was shit scared of All the good looking girls I secretly admired Oh it was great fun. - Swaranjeet Singh, 1966 MR

too many to write - Tushar Verma, 2004 RKP

The best days of my life!!!!! - Gaurav Dimri, 1991 MR

Was in boarding school - Chaman Aggarwal, 1974 MR

Great teachers, lifelong friends - Dr. Amit Khan, 1992 MR

the best school i have ever seen or heard aboutmy first crush.my first infactuation.my first date i would always like to go back 2 past for this. All those memories are like presious treasure.not to forget Ms Mattoo english teacher madam mathur pathak sir and lot more my friends as pandit sharma krishna and lots of gals hahahaha :) :) not 4gettin nizammudin ka kabab ab bhi jata hu - Neeraj Kumar, 1988 MR

very good - Ruchi Gupta, 1984 MR

Lots ! - Srinivas Varanasi, 1980 RKP

As a football captain winning the Pele trophy. Memories of the school as a naughty student still alive specially jumping out of the window and my class teacher throwing a duster at me which broke the window pane. the winding stairs on which we used to play and slide.PT teacher andephi running after us with a stick in his hand and god forbid anybody comming in his hand then God save him. DOPE did a good job at the playfield with his belly running around. my regards to all my teachers - Mr Verma(Maths), Mrs wadwa,Mrs Loomba, Mrs Pandit Mr Din Dayal our beloved Principal and so on - Colonel Supriyo Bhattacharya, 1975 MR

Those days were really terrific..Canteen, diwali days, bunking classes and what not. Missing morning assemblies and cursing the chief guests for their long and unwanted speeches esplly in summer times. Just miss all those moments. - Sumit Kapoor, 1997 MR

As Game Captain, we excelled in every field of sports - Sanjay Sinha, 1985 MR

DPS East of Kailash....Glacier house.....RKP March 2 Priya etc etc etc etc - Sarthak Grover, 1999 RKP

First exposure to a big city and a big school, thus creating unforgettable memories. Made a lot of good friends but lost touch with them after graduation. - Parijat Sahai, 1990 RKP

sea of green and white, wonderful friends hanging out at canteen, Cold dark winter mornings waiting for bus.... - Srimonto Ghosh, 1991 RKP

I still rember my Chemistry teacher, Mrs Virmani, my Maths teavher Sushma Chadha & C.P. Gupta and Technical Drawing teacher, Mr. Bhardwaj - Samir Gugnani, 1981 MR

jai jawan stall, sunder nagar, hargyan who became Harry, Arya, Abid Hussain and Dr. Dagar( was he a dr....????)and Mrs. Matoo( who can forget her) and i forgot to mention Ms. Malini Sharma( remember the hot english teacher) who made Dr. G.P.S. Waraich drool and then went off to Modern... - Sanjay Jain, 1986 MR

most wonderful years of my life which I miss immensely. Hope to meet some of my friends. - Shalini Sinha Chandra, 1988 RKP

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