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Delhi Public School Alumni (Dipsites) Memories

Here are some memories from Delhi Public School Alumni selected from the database.

My life!! - Badraan Panjabi, 2004 MR

Great place. Had loads of fun and tons of friends. - Pooja Sawhney, 1990 MR

are very much alive. - Vivek Tomer, 1998 RKP

Those were the best days of my life - Gaurav Chopra, 1997 MR

Many. The school prayer at the assembly,the school choir, getting the maximum of three prizes 1965,66 and 67. Being a school scholar. Signing the roll of Honour(academic) 1967-68. Obtaining the 3rd rank in ISC exams 1967 December, Awarded the Science Talent Scholarship 1968. - Rama Gopalan Nee Padmanabhan, 1968 MR

Mr.usa saying this is physics not surf exel bhigoya dhoya or ho gya u will have to work hard to understand it - Hiranya Bhardwaj, 1996 MR

Dr. Waraich episode and many more - Prem Kohli, 1984 MR

THE BEST DAYS OF MY LiFE...... - Gaurav Dimri, 1991 MR

Ankush Seth's antics, Radhika Mathur crying in disbelief cuz the entire class attended her class, Ajay Goyal's flying whacks, Vincy's hair, Preggy's short short shorts. - Anuj Bhandari, 1998 RKP

Great! Unique! - Rajesh Gupta, 1986 MR

Rajbeer Singh, Shakti and Neelam Vohra (Troika of PE class), Mr. Samtani and his ONE-TIGHT-SLAP; Mrs. Nelson, Subedar and his mustaches; Mr. Lugani, Mrs. Loomba. Friends: Sanjiv Khanna (My DADAGIRI partner); Sanjeev Chaudhary; Niren Chaudhary; B. Kimman; Jaspal Singh; Sanjay Rajpal;Manish Bannerjee; Sandeep Bhatia (with whom I shared some college time); Ishwar Chopra; Anand Mohan; Rajesh Sharma (lefty cricket captain) and whole lot more.... - Manoj Kohli, 1981 RKP

Mrs. LOOMBA . I wonder where is she as I haven't met her for years. - Anil Mahajan, 1969 MR

Great time with wonderful friends! - Manish Agarwal, 1987 RKP

So many wonderful memories! Mrs. Mazumdar, Mr. KL Sharma, Mr. Baweja. All the triumps and disappointments. I keep my children busy with DPS stories. - Rajeev Sindhwani, 1980 MR

Where shall I begin? going to movies or nirluas during class ;) Miracle I did well in college I am sure some of you will be shocked - Anteneh Shimelis, 1993 MR

Good, Bad and Ugly - Mandeep Saund, 1989 RKP

everything thing- from the day i joined the institution till the day i graduated from it. - Manish Lahoti, 2009 Farakka

There are so many!!! I still recall ......... the KS poster pinned by the entire class (well, everyone took the blame except Ms Embarrassment) on class bulletin board. Another one, our ol? princi Dhawan sitting on hunger strike in a vain attempt to change our batch for good! - Sushant Lall, 1993 Noida

every day it was something which we did . something which u can think is done by us eg dayboards & hostler fight , dancing in front of main gate, teasing teachers, smoking in washroom where 1 cigrett and ten people to smoke.and many other things which will always be there im good notes. - Chetan Grover, 2000 MR

Dust, heat and tents ! - Chand Sapru, 1957 MR

The Awesome English Teachers...God really took OFF while creating them...Ms. Sen, Ms. Reema Mohan...The FAMOUS ROUND STAIRCASE and standing on the ground floor for you know what!!...Boring Assemblies (YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)...Dhawan beating the hell out of someone in the Assembly...The Canteen vendor who never used to return change....Yelling at Ms. Kiran Kumar then running and then getting screwed by her in the class hahhahaha, that was some day !! Those beautiful girls....haven't seen any of them since leaving the school....I am sure they must have had kids by now :-) - Sanjay Chellaney, 1992 MR

screwing around with my buddy Mehul. checkin out the 12 grade chix and ofcourse trying our best to bunk classes. - Akshat Sharma, 1997 RKP

a lot of them........ - Ashish Jhamb, 2003 MR

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