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Delhi Public School Alumni (Dipsites) Memories

Here are some memories from Delhi Public School Alumni selected from the database.

Where shall I begin? going to movies or nirluas during class ;) Miracle I did well in college I am sure some of you will be shocked - Anteneh Shimelis, 1993 MR

Time when Me, Deven Juneja, Deepak Batra, Vipul Khanna and more used to bunk school, to watch movies at Priya. Eating choole bathura and chowmin at canteen, bunking classes, NAVEEN KUMAR our class teacher, Mrs TUlI, AND the funnies person in 1997 batch Devesh Bublani. and i will never forget my first crush on SHANIVI SADANA she might me married by now well so am I but i will never forget those moments, and also SHANIVI if you can read my Massage i still have the Valentines card that i made for you but never given....... - Divyank Aggarwal, 1997 MR

there are innumerable....maybe i'll need a week to fill in....& maybe you'll need more space on the web! - Abhijeet Bhardwaj, 1997 MR

euphoria, teenage hormones, endless possibilities,starlight express, the XII D's and M's, Chhavi, Kirti, I and endless gossip, OAT, gatecrashing hostel lunch, bombs in the loo on Diwali, writing U2 lyrics on desks.., sparring with obnoxious quizzers.. - Sunrita Sarkar, 1994 RKP

Trekking - R S Bahadur Mathur, 1976 MR

NUMEROUS!!!! - Meena Ahluwalia (walia), 1972 MR

made dps won many cricket matches in various tournaments. fun in chem/biology labs fun in basketball courts - Rahul Tripathi, 2005 MR

Woh chief guests ke aate hi clapping.... aur dhoop main House ke peeche ja kar baithna... Diwali mela's..... Monday Tests!! - Disha Saxena, 1999 Noida

was one of the early students of the school. enjoyed my stint in the school while we studied in tents. when i was in pre senior cambridge we moved to the new school builing. the first principal of the school was mr j d tytler. mr k c khanna was our second prinipal. the school used to be champions amongst delhi schools in basketball in our time. it had a good discipline & all around development of the students. joined the army from the school itself in 1960. - Arun Sharda, 1961 MR

Not knowing English and Hindi on arrival in India, I was made to sing Hindi songs! I also particularly remember some fantastic soccer matches. - Raoul Craemer, 1989 MR

din dayal with his cane, ande p, dope - Rakesh Chitkara, 1968 MR

so many!! - Vivek Kohli, 1987 RKP

Those days were really terrific..Canteen, diwali days, bunking classes and what not. Missing morning assemblies and cursing the chief guests for their long and unwanted speeches esplly in summer times. Just miss all those moments. - Sumit Kapoor, 1997 MR

Loads...... the best time of my life really.... - Raman Verma, 1987 MR

playing hockey & basketball and winning so many tournaments. Sad that hockey is no more a game left in the school. mr. lugani, english teacher mrs. nelson & mrs. chonna, sports teachers- mr. rajbir singh,mr. saini and mrs. neelam seth,bio teacher mrs. sishta and many more. miss my classmates from 4th standard - Ranjit Kumar, 1983 RKP

Great time with wonderful friends! - Manish Agarwal, 1987 RKP

the best school i have ever seen or heard aboutmy first crush.my first infactuation.my first date i would always like to go back 2 past for this. All those memories are like presious treasure.not to forget Ms Mattoo english teacher madam mathur pathak sir and lot more my friends as pandit sharma krishna and lots of gals hahahaha :) :) not 4gettin nizammudin ka kabab ab bhi jata hu - Neeraj Kumar, 1988 MR

basketball courts,chola bhatura in the hostel canten,hated maths,the canteen - Sunainika Chopra Malhotra, 1993 RKP

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