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Delhi Public School Alumni (Dipsites) Memories

Here are some memories from Delhi Public School Alumni selected from the database.

Mixed memories, but they are gilded!!! :) - Jaya Mazumder, 1990 RKP

Many! Kar Sewa for Bus Stand and also for first hostel! Photoraphy club! Sharp nails of Ms Usha Mathur. Maths teacher Mrs Navathe, Mrs Kunte, Kwality ice cream wala at gate, so many things! Ganges house day was postponed as Dr Zakir Hussain expired! Scouting camp and Cubbing! Craft teacher Mrs Chauhan! Ms Usha Mathur would keep scissors in her purse to cut long hairs of boys! - M B S Agarwal, 1974 MR

The wonderful times where we would stayback for umpteen number of events like interhouse competitions, Badminton practice. The AVH and the wonderful times over there and ofcourse the bus journeys in the school bus. Oh so many things keep coming back all the time! - Swati Kulkarni, 1989 RKP

Best time of my life - amit babbar, 1991 MR

Fond and Everlasting Bunks, PE periods, Canteen, lots of teachers, lots of friends. - Aakshat Sinha, 1991 RKP

Chona - Varad Khanna, 1985 RKP

Too numerous to list here. - Pankaj Sardana, 1974 MR

was one of the early students of the school. enjoyed my stint in the school while we studied in tents. when i was in pre senior cambridge we moved to the new school builing. the first principal of the school was mr j d tytler. mr k c khanna was our second prinipal. the school used to be champions amongst delhi schools in basketball in our time. it had a good discipline & all around development of the students. joined the army from the school itself in 1960. - Arun Sharda, 1961 MR

Fond - Koushik Ganguly, 1990 RKP

An insitution par excellence. - Sanjiv Razdan, 1981 MR

none..im still a student!!!im in CLASS VI - Ayush Kant Jha, 2010 DPS Megacity

allways alive - Sanjay Jain, 1984 MR

Lots of friends and fun in the hostel...does anyone remember the hunger strike to protest the horrible food in the hostel (we secretly ate Maggi) - Simran Sara Rihal, 1988 RKP

Distinctly remember Mrs. Mark in class 3, class teacher. Also Mrs.Whadahavan,Mrs. Ahluwalia, Mrs.Thomas. Mr. Hardy hussain. - Mahesh Bhatt, 1972 MR

The school was partly in tents when I joined it in 1962 in class 5.Dr Zakir Hussain's Visit to the school.The first school fete to raise funds for the swimming pool, which I never got to use as it was not ready till I passed out in 1969. - Rajiv Gautama, 1969 MR

Morning PT, Ghalib, Mr Ravat...... - Khan Heman, 1997 MR

Duration from my memory I want to get back to is undoubtdedly school, - Vaibhav Jain, 2005 MR

Anday PEE, I.D Sharma ( my Teacher)Bunking To Sunder Nagar, First diwali Mela Ever by DPS - Virat Sarin, 1969 MR

bunking, and playing Taekwon Do / basketball,arguing with teachers and admin for everything late, sneaking up from the canteen below ;-) - Gaurav Singh, 1999 VK


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