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Delhi Public School Alumni (Dipsites) Memories

Here are some memories from Delhi Public School Alumni selected from the database.

Oh Plenty of memories of singing and playing instruments in the daily choir and during lunch breaks, a lot of drama, having friends such as Rupinder Chauhan, Rachna Jakhmola, Sonu Kanagat, Sunil Vashist, Brahmjit Grewal, Atul Ahuja, Gokul, Sanjeev Chandna, Anjali Dhawan, Anita Patankar...and so on...Pardon me if I have missed out some very important name... - Aseem Soni, 1980 RKP

Late night Bunkings, getting sloshed at Priyas with my Haryanvi roommates sANJEEV kADYAN, HOODA ETC, THOSE SKIRT CHASINGS, TROUBLING THE HOSTEL WARDEN Dr. Saini and his sidekick that dwarf south indian character and of course R. Kakkar - Bikash Chaudhury, 1993 RKP

As a football captain winning the Pele trophy. Memories of the school as a naughty student still alive specially jumping out of the window and my class teacher throwing a duster at me which broke the window pane. the winding stairs on which we used to play and slide.PT teacher andephi running after us with a stick in his hand and god forbid anybody comming in his hand then God save him. DOPE did a good job at the playfield with his belly running around. my regards to all my teachers - Mr Verma(Maths), Mrs wadwa,Mrs Loomba, Mrs Pandit Mr Din Dayal our beloved Principal and so on - Colonel Supriyo Bhattacharya, 1975 MR

1963- DPS - Pratik Gupta, 1963 MR

too many sweet memories to be named...proud to be a dipsite..hey gyus v all are from the same faternity wthr ur frm mr or rkp or vasnt kunj...v all are pals n the fact remains that v all r proud dipsites...branches r jst stupid barriers...v all love each other...cheers to all my fellow dipsites...luv u all guys... - Monica Sood, 2002 MR

Mrs. LOOMBA . I wonder where is she as I haven't met her for years. - Anil Mahajan, 1969 MR

Everything about DPS was great and fun. The best phase in our lifes. I was in the Class X11-M. Cannot forget History teacher Ms. Padma Srinivasan...and the LLB gang[Lords of the last benches..] - Nirmala Bulusu, 1992 RKP

From friends and teachers... to bombs and bunking, fond memories from "wonder years". Made several friends for life, many of whom I'm in touch with. - Rahul Barooah, 1994 RKP

very nice.. - Kammm Kammm, 1955 mathura road

miss my teachers mrs. navina sareen, archana maam and my friends from my batch - Abhishek Gupta, 2004 VK

Where should I start .....Hmmmm....Let me think... I started off at MR from Nursery B and Mrs Dev was my class teacher who tought me ABC, Mrs Prasad in the I B taught me how to keep my mouth closed while eating, IV I was trasfered to the new branch at RKP. Well... lots of studies & head burning initially, slaps are difficult to forget especially from Mr Rajbir Singh, Samtani, Bhattacharya (drawing). Mr Ahmed from JNU our Maths teacher in XII - Exceeeelent though he use to be very sloppy to look at with his pan, Jhola & rubber slippers, Ms Sahani who did not have smiling muscles but again an excellent teacher, Mrs Ummat - Chemistry - absolutely professional, Mr Juneja - crook - built his house with cement supplied by my class mates in turn shared the question papers and granted 28/30 for practicals, TD teacher - crook - you know now how some of our class mafia got into civil in IIT-D. Neetalal, where are you ? Used to sit next to me in X std - Sudhir Patankar, 1982 RKP

Great years.... - Deepika Singh, 1998 MR

First brush of schooling with DPS Korba, Eight Years there. Then, DPS Junwani, Durg. Was the Head Boy, And i'll miss my school till the day i forget how to breathe.. - Shomprakash Sinha Roy, 2008 Durg

hostels soggy chhole bhature, torture assembly, awesome library, mita rai, anita sehgla,,,,,those gazzilion crushes n lifelong friends. - Purva Grover, 1995 RKP

just so many of them.. and doing all things which were not allowed and getting away with no punishments. - Abhishek Jain, 1998 MR

many - Mohit Sood, 1998 MR

amazin, beautiful memories.........always miss school FEEL PROUD TO BE A DIPSITE.. ALSO have very nice memories of Ms.Dhami..our chem. teacher - Shalini Malhotra, 2000 RKP

Good ones!! - Madhulika Gupta, 1981 MR

To small a space to cover the memories - Amit Narain, 1994 MR

Tons of memories. From the greying Mrs. Swaminathan in KG to the red hot Miss. Kapoor in 12th. From aloo samosaas in the canteen to marlboros in the loo. Fights in front of the hostel to smooching behind closed doors. Junking furniture to bunking classes. Morning assembly and evening games.and.......... of course tavishi loomba - Ashish Chakravarty, 1989 MR

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