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Delhi Public School Alumni (Dipsites) Memories

Here are some memories from Delhi Public School Alumni selected from the database.

MY child hood and my teen days which are unforgettable. Group that i had was amazing and thanks to the school and my teachers for where i am today. - Kush Prakash Aggarwal, 1989 RKP

unforgetable and abs great - Geeta Lakhani, 1967 MR

winning all those basketballmatches,Mr.Rangeen,hostel,my classmates and so on - Surchandra Sharma, 1990 MR

Every day spent in school can go in as memory. - Anshuman Verma, 1999 Other

Friends! - Yashica Bhandar Jain, 1996 RKP

The entire journey of 10 years at DPS NOIDA. The process of growing up, learning, discoveribg my own capacities, capabilities , strength and weaknesses. Last 2 yearsi.e 1994 and 1995 changed me completely.Being the cultural sectretaryof DPS was like enjoying being responsible, fun at work and playing within the rules. S.L. Dhawan sir was the backbone of the entire support system for every student. Dutta sir i am still interested in completing my kuchipudi dance which i had to leave in 12th std.i feel really fortunate to be a part of the dance troop that performed on rajpath on 26 jan. that was the only year our school participated. i can never thank Roy sir enough for his encouragement which helped me to shape up my career and choose design as my proffession. all my teachers neeru suman ma'am. reema diwan maam, lily anand maam who were guides, teachers and most imporetantly friends and welwishers. Every single day at school is a memory i will cherish all my life - Meenakshi Gupta, 1995 Noida

Canteen, Staffroom, Library... - Amit Chugh, 2002 Noida

ahh..i wont really start with "D good old days ..." & go on & on.But ya, as i sip a cup of coffee & think of SCHOOL...it brings a smile on my face each time!!! - Mehnaz Zafar, 1997 MR

Teachers - Ms. Krishna Saha, Mr.Gupta (Chemistry - XIth & XIIth), Mrs. Chona, Mr. Verma (Engg. Drawing) The playground and all my colleagues especially Tanu Agarwal, Girish Wadhwan, Manoj Desai - Shalabh Gupta, 1987 RKP

Extremely good - Chaitanya Modi, 1995 RKP

Too many to list.Most recent, of course, of class XII.Several anxious moments, particularly when someone exploded a bomb and blew up a desk, and all the top appointment holders in the class-Sandy, Ajay and I , were threatened of being stripped of our badges if we didnt name the culprit.Thank God it all worked out well.Also the day one idiot brought a pistol to school to show off, and someone slapped good ol'K.L.Sharma when he tried to intervene.Another unforgettable incident is when a gang of Modernites[Barakh. Rd.] came to our school in a Maruti to bash up Gautam Gupta ,'coz he had gone to their school and chatted up some females; and our heroes rushed to beat them up with hockey sticks ! Such is the stuff memories are made of ! - Nirupama Kotru, 1986 MR

DPS memories....the school factory... Cant miss the shouts of Baburam and the frequent slapping sounds in the corridor.. Quite an amusing point of activity.. - Vibhuti Narang, 1996 RKP

best years of my life. would not want it to be any other way - Trisha Singh, 2004 Noida

remember beautiful chocolate nd whiye building mrs nelson and other teachers - Renu Luthra, 1984 RKP

I have studied in DPS fom nursery-XII DPS is in my heart DPS is in my soul DPS is in my mind Im successful Im respected im educated im modest im true.... ALL DPS GIVEN - Kausar Khan, 1987 MR

happy! - Anjali Chikersal, 1982 MR

most wonderful years of my life which I miss immensely. Hope to meet some of my friends. - Shalini Sinha Chandra, 1988 RKP

The good, the bad and the ugly.....!!! - Sourav Majumdar, 1997 RKP

12 years of school. Remember all friends. - Jogi Lakhani, 1965 MR

Whoooa..It was soo much fun. Bunking classes, Teachers we despised and loved. Getting caught by raghavan bunking classes and then we wud be standing outside her room punished. The SUPW classes, chalk fights, fleet shoes(EEYUCK..i still hate them). I loved Rambo the math teacher, my german teacher(forgot her name),i hate chona the Devil from the core of my hear & her daughter Tamanna & her B'day parties. I miss the basketball court, the paanwala shop, canteen. The major disaster i did with my friend shruti was while bunking a class, we destroyed the fans of an empty class in Block-B, it was a big secret we kept. I remember my biggest crush was kapil(3batches ahead).The clinic was the best place to hide after bunking, the fake stomach aches, fever, "not feeling well". hey.. this is the best site i have been to in months. I will strongly recommend this site to all my dipsite frnds. Love u all. - Maygha Masson, 1999 RKP

best basket ball player of the year 1984 and 1985 - Vijayanand Choudhary, 1985 MR

plenty - Yogyata Khullar, 1991 MR

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