Quantcast Comments from Dipsites (Delhi Public School Alumni)


Comments from Dipsites (Delhi Public School Alumni)

Selected comments submitted by Delhi Public School Alumni.

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speeeeeech less -Gaurav Bharti 1997 MR

Miss scool days very much, mischeifs of Latish is a legend -Sanjeev B 1992 Bhilai

Great to register on this site -Swati Kulkarni 1989 RKP

wonderful to be in touch with everybody again -Jaspreet Singh 1985 MR


Loved being part of DPS Mathura Road. -Deepika Singh 1998 MR

Oh, I miss those days so much! -Rashmi Sharma 1990 MR

Had the time of my life! -Barnali Gupta 1989 RKP

It is good to be back in touch with my school mates. It is an emotional return to childhood days. -Sudhir Patankar 1982 RKP

An enriching Experience that prepares you to take life head on -Geetu Nankani 1999 RKP

well, a good way to integrate classmates and give a central location to keep in touch with events and updates -Sriram Shankar 1992 RKP

service before self! -Kapil Tandon 1983 MR

Not liking the undue attention our school is receiving now !:-( -Pankaj Batra 1994 RKP

DPS is the best!the only best! -Aiswarya C 2010 Damanjodi

I am not from DPS, but looking for an old friend who was studing at the MR branch, was in year 8 in 1978, would have finished year 12 in 1982. Her name is OONA CHAUDHARY, sister of Bharat Chaudhary, who was ahead by one year from same school same branch. -Yogi Nath 0 Other

Wqant to get in touch with 19809 batch,preferably students of class XII A -Girish Sharma 1980 MR

want to hook up with as amny dipsites as i can -Rakesh Govil 1973 MR

my second home -Meenu Gupta 1985 MR

I still remember all my classmates.if u read this don't hesitate to get in touch.I would love to talk to old frnds again,they r forever. -Rajat Gusain 1998 RKP

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