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Comments from Dipsites (Delhi Public School Alumni)

Selected comments submitted by Delhi Public School Alumni.

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I remember being the House captain and the morning assembly in the cold winter morning, how we all had to line up. -Malvika Vohra 1981 MR

looking for Inder Sharma, Sanjay Gupta, Srivatsan Srinivas, Sanjay Kothari -Narayan Kv 1984 did one year 11

If u didn't go to DPS, u missed out on a lot!! -Pooja Singhal 2000 MR

Love to hear from anyone out there that remembers me. Pradeep Thatai Tel 00 44 7850 99 60 77 Anyone visiting London - do visit me and be my guest! -Pradeep Thatai 1966 MR

Dipsite Always.... -Nitin Dayal 2004 MR

Would love to go back in time, just to change a few things. -Alka Vardhan 1996 MR

looking for choti se moti se vindu rohatgi -Ajay Thukral 1981 MR

Thanks for making this site!Maybe will be able to get in touch with some of my old friends...dont know what everybody is upto.They dont even come for Alumni meets...too busy to rember school I guess... -anupama chopra 1993 Noida

A school I am till date proud of and boast being a dipsite -Colonel Supriyo Bhattacharya 1975 MR

Would love to rekindle old memories with batch mates -Sandeep Bhatia 1974 MR

I have pleasant memories of my teachers, friends and all the activities we indulged in especially the healthy competition between houses. -Ranjana Shanker/Srivastava 1968 MR

There's a very nice community for our school on Facebook. There's a general DPR, Mathura Rd. community and there's also communities for different batches! -Badraan Panjabi 2004 MR

We three friends(sarika,Nidhi) were known as 3muskeeters of our class(Mrs Dhiman),I'm still in touch with sarika but we wonder where on earth Nidhi has vanished. If anyone out there know something about Nidhi Gupta,please let me know!I'll be v.thankful. -Kausar Khan 1987 MR

if you can recollect my father (Mr. Rup Lal - man with big moustaches)was also working in the school. -Ranjit Kumar 1983 RKP

damn cool site -Neha Verma 2000 RKP

Competitive environment in Indian schools and colleges prepare you well for the world. Let's keep our school that way! -Rahul Saxena 1972 MR

You only realize the value of something when you lose it. I realize what DPS means to me. I will cherish the moments I spent in DPS for the rest of my life. And I am glad,that there are Dipsites who have taken the the first step to help all of stay closer to the School,Each other and probably meet or chat with other Dipsites. -Vishesh Sharma 1994 MR

its a nice attempt to enable dipsites to be in contact with help of this site, but the major drawback is that it is not known to everyone -Priyanka Singhal 2004 MR

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