Quantcast Comments from Dipsites (Delhi Public School Alumni)


Comments from Dipsites (Delhi Public School Alumni)

Selected comments submitted by Delhi Public School Alumni.

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this is a very nice effort and initiative to get all DIP sites together -Peeyush Aras 1990 Bhilai

School days were the best..........i would like to contact my batchmates...........if any one of u remember me! -Taruna Gupta 1993 Noida

I Loved it -Anit Harbhajanka 1988 MR

The best DPS website found so far... -Fahad Khan 2004 RKP

Great way to meet up old pals -Apoorva Bhalla 2005 MR

In between all the tuitions and Sachdeva courses, DPS could have a stand-up comedy session once a week. -Smita Chandra 1988 RKP

nothing but sweet memories -Ravi Talpatra 1981 MR

Hope you all enjoy the site! -Kumud Ajmani 1982 MR

I still remember all my classmates.if u read this don't hesitate to get in touch.I would love to talk to old frnds again,they r forever. -Rajat Gusain 1998 RKP

I feel Dipsites memories are unforgetable ones for rest of my life...i would love to get in touch with each and everyone fm my batch of 1990 -Mohit Chopra 1990 RKP

HEY GUYS, PLEASE MAKE UR EMAIL PUBLIC, THE CONTACT ME feature is not working. -Raghav Rao 1993 MR

Would love to rekindle old memories with batch mates -Sandeep Bhatia 1974 MR

I am a Sri Lankan, who lived the 17 years of my childhood in India. I left School after 10th Grade, as I returned to Sri Lanka. -Sujith Gunawardana 1986 RKP

I have pleasant memories of my teachers, friends and all the activities we indulged in especially the healthy competition between houses. -Ranjana Shanker/Srivastava 1968 MR

DPS made me what I am today. Its my number one...still. -Jaydeep Goswami 1986 RKP

Guys, Lets get in touch - where ever you are. 25 years is a loooong time. -Manoj Kohli 1981 RKP

UPDATE -Rohit Dewan 1991 RKP

The time that I spent in my school was the best in my life. -Rahul Nair 1995 Noida

Dipsite Always.... -Nitin Dayal 2004 MR

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