Quantcast Comments from Dipsites (Delhi Public School Alumni)


Comments from Dipsites (Delhi Public School Alumni)

Selected comments submitted by Delhi Public School Alumni.

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Great site. Will recommend to all Dipsites I am in touch with. -Vivek Sawhney 1982 MR

This is a great database of old contacts....please do get in touch -Vibhuti Narang 1996 RKP

Studied here for 4 years (1974-78) with the batch that passed out in 1982. Cannot forget the bus ride to school on cold winter mornings, wearing shorts ! -Ravi N. Ramachandran 1982 RKP

DPS-MR ROCKS -Shubhra Mathur 1980 MR

Day's spent in dps were my most memorable day's. hope 2 meet my favourite teacher PARIJAT MAM -Neel Konwar 2006 digboi

Its a great idea to come up with this kind of a site -Gopal Joshi 1983 MR

Can i please come back to school? is there place for a 25yr old in class 10? :-) on a serious note, i loved it and i miss evrything and everyone from school! oh! those samosas too! -Neha Roy Chowdhury 1998 RKP

has been great to connect up with friends after 34 years!! Good JOB creating this site -Piush Kumar 1976 MR

nothing but sweet memories -Ravi Talpatra 1981 MR

Does anyone remember me?????? -Puneet Bakshi 1989 Noida

Just registering -Athar Khan 1983 MR

As its said every ending is a new beginning . -Simran Chatha 1998 MR

I am a vice principal in dept of education, govt of nct of delhi. So I have chosen teaching profession which I owe to my education at DPS. At present I am involved in writing commerce book of ncert and also improving commerce teaching and also administering a super ability school which has gifted students of government schools. -Shruti Bodh Agarwal 1980 MR

Guys where are uuuuuuuu? -Mohammad Imran 1994 RKP

WISH I COULD GO BACK TO SCHOOL !!!!!! -Vineet Gupta 1993 RKP

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