Quantcast Comments from Dipsites (Delhi Public School Alumni)


Comments from Dipsites (Delhi Public School Alumni)

Selected comments submitted by Delhi Public School Alumni.

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This site is an excellant idea, it would be a pleasure if I can get in touch with old friends through this effort. -Pawan Tayla 1985 MR

I have pleasant memories of my teachers, friends and all the activities we indulged in especially the healthy competition between houses. -Ranjana Shanker/Srivastava 1968 MR

love to be back to school with some dudes and babes . -Chetan Grover 2000 MR

looking forward to meeting new frnds -Ankit Sisodia 2004 Noida

i wish i can go back into those 14 years...especially last 3 years...when i lost control over myself and my studies deterioted at lightening pace -Chetan Indolia 1999 Hardwar

The best DPS website found so far... -Fahad Khan 2004 RKP

Love to hear from people who graduated from Mathura Rd -1970 thru 1973 -Pradeep Awasthi 1971 MR

wooowwwwww!!!! -Kammm Kammm 1955 mathura road

DPS alumni should be more active -Swati Kedia 1997 MR

remember my school very much -Karan Manchanda 2004 Noida

Hats off to the Gurus of DPS Mathura Road of 1960 -80 era who sculptured the Living Legends on the earth called Dipsites of Mathura Road. We are proud of you sir...... Are u listining there in heaven & smiling about your wonderful contribution in designing our soul. -Pradeep Varma 1974 MR

I Loved it -Anit Harbhajanka 1988 MR

The time that I spent in my school was the best in my life. -Rahul Nair 1995 Noida

This database of contacts needs to get broader coverage -Vivek Sanghi 1983 MR

my classmates & batchmates may please contact me. -Dinker Segal 1994 MR

Would love to rekindle old memories with batch mates -Sandeep Bhatia 1974 MR

Sometimes you feel rejected & dejected and then couple of old memories come by and make you feel relaxed, thats the same feeling you get when you visit this website. -Sharad Ohri 1995 Noida

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